Whistler Grand Condo Singapore

Whistler Grand Condo Singapore

In one of the most competitive bids, City Development (CDL) won the West Coast Vale plot where the company plans to build Whistler Grand, another exclusive CDL residential home.The location is in an exclusive housing site provided through a state tender. The site is 210,883 sq ft with 99 years leasing contract. CDL hits $472.4 million price mark or about $800 psf per plot ratio on its bid with Whistler Grand.

The Whistler Grand site plan is estimated to have an average of $1,400 psf to $1,500 psf price level with a breakeven of $1,250 psf. A maximum of 370 residential units is imposed for the site with a good Whistler Grand Floor Plan and as per Urban Redevelopment Authority, two 36 storey towers can stand on the West Coast Vale location.

The Whistler Grand West Coast has a good location which gives access to several facilities to residents and also enables them to maximize outstanding local features. With CDL being so selective, this made the site promising project. According to CDL group, the site where the Whistler Grand will be constructed has many of potential. Possessing a land they could invest with is an opportunity the team seeks since the Singapore residential industry is on the restoration trend.

Hundred Trees and Monterey Park Condominium are several of the well known projects that had a huge success and made CDL a well-known company. This is the main reason why CDL is well-known among the West Coast. Whistler Grand draws prospective customers looking to invest in valuable properties in Singapore. CDL’s projects are some thing to look forward to since it’s a dependable company having the best team that guarantees unequaled projects in the construction area.

West Coast Vale has got a great potential which makes this exclusive residential area highly popular. Having a stunning view of the place is something the future residents of Whistler Grand can expect since West Coast Vale is a peaceful environment. If you’re still thinking whether West Coast Vale will be yours or your family’s home, below are a few of the best reasons:

To find the perfect place you can call home, its connectivity is some thing you needs to keep in mind. Transit was made best with the upcoming Whistler Grand. Ayer Rajah Expressway and West Coast Highway with decent connection to the entire city is near the place.

MRT station is just a few distance away from Whistler Grand and residents can conveniently visit the city using the expressway. East-West line MRT can be used by Whistler Grand Clementi residents aside from buses. If you prefer driving your car, that’s alright since you could visit Orchard Shopping Area, Marina Financial District, and the Central Business District in just a couple minutes.

Parc Esta Condominium (Former Eunosville)

Parc Esta Condominium (Former Eunosville)

Most people dreamed of having a luxurious home but failed to equip their place with the best facilities. Clients desire a lavish home but unfortunately some home developers are not able to meet their requirements. Fret no more because all your house conditions and terms issues will be sorted out under this luxurious guaranteed developer. This is no other than Parc Esta Eunosville. They will offer you all the fantastic facilities ensuring you to live a luxurious life. Parc Esta estate is under the leasehold development of MCL land for 99 years. By the time Parc Esta was developed it made a big contribution in Eunos for it was the first estate that prosper during those times. This development contract with MCL land is among the biggest private sector deal in recent history. It has all the amenities which should be there in a development area.

Parc Esta has access to Changi Road and Sims Avenue. Parc Esta is divided into 1399 units, a clubhouse, pool, tennis court, inside gym, children’s recreation space and several other magnificent developments are evident. With all the positive factors of the condo and Parc Esta psf is attractive for many home buyers. Parc Esta in late Eunos has a number of 4 walk-up apartment blocks and 255 maisonettes present. The place also provides nearby commercial center like Paya Lebar square, Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre. Serai market is a food center where yummy Malay food is offered which has other shops also like goldsmith shops and bakeries. Serai Market is a commercial establishment that provides all your food necessities and taste.

The area that was spotted to be the location for ParcEsta Condo helps to encourage more investments. Eunosville would make a great gross in the market and will constantly boom even up to its 71 years of existence in the estate market. the top of Parc Esta will be expected to be a few years after the sales launch of the condominium. If we’re going to base the land size and ratio of the estate ParcEsta MCL Land, it had been targeted to build more than 1399 units in a reasonable cost.

ParcEsta started in 1980s as the Eunosville estate among of 330 units in a private HUDC which is now located close in Eunos MRT Station. Since the collective sales the first considered achievement, it was very remarkable right after the Farrer Court was sold simply because it’s on the 2nd array. Based on the Analyst, each expense of the plot land were just less costly than expected since they sold it to Jardine Matheson Group. With the 255 maisonettes of the Eunosville HUDC, around 6 residential unit was blocked and about 4 walk-up apartment blocks along with the 75 units. The estimated price amount for selling would be around $1,700 – $1,750psf.

The MCL Land is a well-known property group in Singapore and has built different premium residential buildings under its name during the last Fifty years. For the longest time, Hong Kong Land along with MCL Land was known to be the reliable property holdings across the Asian cities namely: Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Macau, and Bangkok.